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Established in year 1971, Zincometal company was one of the first companies to adopt acid-bath for zinc plating instead of the traditional process alkaline cyanide bath. It was one of the first firms to provide fully automatic working equipment. Today it is one of the biggest galvanic treatment facilities in Lombardy for frame and basket zinc plating.

The galvanic division consist of 35 workers and performs its production activity by means of 7 lines (2 rotating and 5 statics) which are able to work 24 hours a day and guarantee the maximum efficiency for goods delivery.

Where necessary we are able to offer our shipping service (one truck and/or one B-Train) according the logistic requirements of goods agreed with the customer.

The surface treatments presently available are:

  • white trivalent zinc plating
  • yellow hexavalent zinc planting
  • yellow trivalent zinc planting
  • sealing





All treatments are available in rotating and static process and relates to either traditional process (5-7 micron of thickness) and under specification (12-15 micron): in this case a qualification certificate is supplied.



If required salt mist tests can be performed.


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